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Ankh Key will return you to mansion As a mortal you have the option of leaving Purgatory at any time, unlike the poor lost souls who are destined to remain for eternity. To return to the telescope room located in the mansion at The Hauntings, simply click on the Ankh key located on each page. From there you will have the option of returning to the Foyer to continue exploring the Haunted House.

How to navigate Purgatory: Click on each main graphic to advance to the next level.

Deep into that darkness peering,
long I stood there,
dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared
to dream before.

-Edgar Allan Poe-

This Way To Purgatory

For those of you not familiar with Purgatory it is supposedly a state of repentant souls after death. At times, Purgatory is a place of punishment, a place of judgement. More often than not it's just a place to wait. For most it is only a temporary stay but for others there is no escape. The sentence can be short or the soul may be forced to wander Purgatory eternally. Some choose never to leave Purgatory.

You may commence your journey by entering the guarded tomb below. By clicking on the main image on each successive page you will be sent to another level of Purgatory.

Enter the tomb mortal and see what awaits you in Purgatory! The sentinels at the tombs entrance have been instructed to let you pass.

Click on each main graphic inside gates to advance to the next level.

This Way To Purgatory

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Enter Purgatory

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