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Ankh Key will return you to mansion Upon entering the tomb that serves as the entrance to Purgatory you are met by souls that have been sentenced here for eternity. You are ushered to The Crossroads. The meeting and parting of the ways are associated with magic. The cross shape of The Crossroads will provide you some protection. If you lose your way in Purgatory you will never be able to return to the mortal world. You will meet other inhabitants of Purgatory during your journey. Listen to what they tell you. Some will offer guidance and advice. Others may attempt to distract you and lead you astray. Rely on your instincts - this can be a dangerous place. Follow the light, and stay on The Crossroads.

This Way To Purgatory

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Dark World. Copyright 2000-2002 M. Buck aka Artgekko.

Entering Purgatory is like walking into a vacuum.
The air is sucked away and you are in dead space.
Empty hollow silence surrounds you like a long forgotten tomb.
As a mortal you are unable to hear most sounds in this realm.
You may be able to communicate with others but only in your mind.
In certain circumstances you may be able to hear actual sounds.
Until then continue your journey in DEAD SILENCE.

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"When you're hungry for a little fright!"