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† The Hauntings †
Your Nightmare Continues

Author: M. Buck
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A hobgoblin supposed to carry off naughty children.
--Random House Dictionary
(fear, supernatural beings)
--Roget's Thesaurus

Story 2 Your Nightmare Continues

Listen to the night wind as it whispers your is calling.
Watch as leaves dance like tongues of is calling.
Feel a chill rattle through your frame.....
it will soon be here!

You have nightmares about Halloween that seem all too real. The nightmares are so vivid it's hard to say they didn't happen. But that's nonsense. Isn't it? But what about those nights you wake from the bad dreams feeling that someone or something had been in the room with you? What about the shadows that disappear into the walls when you awake from the nightmares?

There is no explanation why you leave the house this Halloween night. But you find yourself alone, out in the stormy darkness heading down a forgotten pathway that leads into the woods and into the haunted Salems Marsh. You won't be alone for long.....this is Halloween and time for the haunting.

ENTER HERE. Woods of the Forgotton by M. Buck copyright 2002.
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FRIGHTBYTES® is a federally registered trademark of
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