When You're Hungry For A Little Fright Frightbytes is a Virtual Haunted House Halloween adventure. Go on a frightening halloween trick or treat nightmare maze adventure in a haunted mansion with ghost stories, halloween graphics, spooky music and scary sound effects.  Visit a haunted inn and haunted house filled with ghosts,  goblins, vampires, monsters, spooks, witches, werewolves, gargolyes, spooky cemetery, graveyards, crypts, evil spirits, bogeymen and terror.  Visit haunted supernatural Purgatory, read true ghost stories and haunted thoughts.  Visit the oracle, read spooky quotations, superstitions and cast evil spells, visit a spooky halloween graphics gallery with horror graphics.  Scary flash animation and custom graphic design.  Have halloween fun and entertainment with Halloween party games.  Decorate your halloween webpages with scary smileys and other halloween and horror images.

You have no recollection of the past Halloween, only bad dreams and flashes of images that are so horrible you hope you will never remember. But there is unfinished business in this darkness and you know you are a part of it.

The Boogeyman by M. Buck copyright 2002.  For exclusive use by Not public domain. You have chosen to go deeper into the woods than you have ever gone. These woods are bad enough in the daylight, but on a night like this with the wind howling and the clouds passing over the moon it feels like a haunted forest. You feel you are being watched!

You have stopped walking, but you hear the snapping of twigs and dried leaves in the rhythm of heavy footsteps.

You know something is close as your eyes search the trees and shrubs, then the moon comes out again from the clouds and you stop breathing.

Hiding behind a tree watching you is a misshapen humanlike form. It stands there staring at you. The only name you can give it as you run away is THE BOOGEYMAN.

There is no place for you to go except to run deeper into the woods. Don't waste time looking back, he's coming. Just run.

† I'm running deeper into the woods!
† I'm already too scared! I wanna go home!

Copyright 1998-2013 M. Buck
All Rights Reserved