When You're Hungry For A Little Fright Frightbytes is a Virtual Haunted House Halloween adventure. Go on a frightening halloween trick or treat nightmare maze adventure in a haunted mansion with ghost stories, halloween graphics, spooky music and scary sound effects.  Visit a haunted inn and haunted house filled with ghosts,  goblins, vampires, monsters, spooks, witches, werewolves, gargolyes, spooky cemetery, graveyards, crypts, evil spirits, bogeymen and terror.  Visit haunted supernatural Purgatory, read true ghost stories and haunted thoughts.  Visit the oracle, read spooky quotations, superstitions and cast evil spells, visit a spooky halloween graphics gallery with horror graphics.  Scary flash animation and custom graphic design.  Have halloween fun and entertainment with Halloween party games.  Decorate your halloween webpages with scary smileys and other halloween and horror images.

You have chosen to avoid the Thing in the cemetery and keep heading for home. Unfortunately that means you have to go very near the old abandoned house. Your luck is running out because the storm is getting worse and it's starting to rain. You need to get into some shelter. Maybe there is someplace you can wait it out by the old house.

Darkness belongs to the dead the ungodly and the demons that lurk in our minds. The Haunted Mansion by M. Buck copyright 2002. Not public domain.

The old place must have been really beautiful at one time but now it looks like it could fall down at any moment. The walls have big cracks in them and most of the windows are broken. All the trees are dead. It feels evil.

This place is really creepy. You feel like something is watching you but you have to get out of this storm before you get struck by lightning. Maybe there is some shelter around the side of the house. That way you don't have to go inside the house. What are you going to do?

† I'm cold and wet and want to try the door!

† I'm not afraid! I want to look around some more!

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