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Welcome Mortal - We were expecting you for DINNER. The Witch by M. Buck copyright 2001. Not public domain.You just had to go poking around a creepy, haunted house on Halloween, didn't you? Of course you were being watched. These old hags had been sizing you up for their pot since they spotted you stumbling across the cemetery. They figured you'd make a tasty morsel. What a mess you've gotten yourself into now. You're dinner!

I should have known better than to eat a wicked mortal - BELCHING. M. Buck copyright 2002. Not Public Domain.

No escape. As soon as you laid eyes on these ugly crones you were frozen in place. You were seasoned and sauteed with a little eye of newt and bat guano. There was enough of you left over for them to enjoy next Halloween.

You made the wrong decision and now you're in a Witches digestive tract! Go back to the haunted house front door and try again.

† I'll try the front door!

Copyright 1998-2009 M. Buck
All Rights Reserved