When You're Hungry For A Little Fright Frightbytes is a Virtual Haunted House Halloween adventure. Go on a frightening halloween trick or treat nightmare maze adventure in a haunted mansion with ghost stories, halloween graphics, spooky music and scary sound effects.  Visit a haunted inn and haunted house filled with ghosts,  goblins, vampires, monsters, spooks, witches, werewolves, gargolyes, spooky cemetery, graveyards, crypts, evil spirits, bogeymen and terror.  Visit haunted supernatural Purgatory, read true ghost stories and haunted thoughts.  Visit the oracle, read spooky quotations, superstitions and cast evil spells, visit a spooky halloween graphics gallery with horror graphics.  Scary flash animation and custom graphic design.  Have halloween fun and entertainment with Halloween party games.  Decorate your halloween webpages with scary smileys and other halloween and horror images.

At least you made it to the front door - what's left of it. Looks like somebody was in a hurry to either get in or GET OUT. Odd - someone has left a Halloween pumpkin on the porch. Well, you might as well go in. You brush aside the cobwebs and go inside.

Go not knowing where. Bring not knowing what. The path is long. The way unknown. Darkened Doorways by M. Buck copyright 2002. Not public domain.

There is an evil about this place. It causes you to shiver. Too many unexplainable things have happened over the years. The old doctor died mysteriously and in a horrible manner. A police investigator followed the case for two years. He had made some remarkable discovery and was on his way back to the Police Station when he vanished. To this day he has never been found. His last phone call was that he had discovered a book. After his disappearance several townspeople vanished too.

You feel something on your neck - you freeze in absolute terror - to afraid to turn around. Maybe you don't want to know what it is.

Oh by the way, you have a HUGE HAIRY spider on you. It's crawling on your neck.

Run your cursor over the spider!


Copyright 1998-2009 M. Buck
All Rights Reserved