Hell is empty - all the Devils are here.

Nobody knew for sure what brought on the zombie plague. Some say it was caused by a meteor or a failed laboratory experiment. Others claim it was brought on by a curse. Buried deep in Salems Marsh a putrifying evil bubbled up and cast a shadow upon the earth and mankind. You are a survivor trying to stay alive in a world that has been turned into a wasteland of the walking dead.

In this zombie survival tale your fate rests upon luck and luck alone. Buried in the twists and turns of these pages are 3 different storylines. Explore all 3 to experience the full effects of a zombie invasion and dig up the buried truth. So TURN OFF THE LIGHTS and LOCK YOUR DOORS! Invite a few FIENDS to join you in the journey.

I want to eat your brains


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This is a work of fiction. All names and characters are invented or used fictitiously. Mardis Salem is the creation of the author of this site (or maybe she is real). The events described are mostly imaginary, except for the zombie invasion which certainly will occur. Beware of the walking dead.