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There are numerous notes along your journey.

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You crawl out of the safe house exhausted from a restless sleep filled with nightmarish visions of a reality you can't escape. The world has become a wasteland. Civilization has crumbled. The dead and the undead litter the landscape. Once great cities are now dark graveyards and the only sounds that come from them are the screams of unlucky survivors and the shrieks of the walking dead zombie hordes.

Those with the means and connections were able to hunker down in underground bunkers, but just like lab rats in crowded conditions they began to turn on each other. With the exception of scattered safehouses, there is no safety anywhere. No police, paramedics, or 911. Zombies have become the dominant species.

You have been one of a few to survive. Before the world went dark desperate scientists, doctors, and the military joined together to try and pinpoint the cause of the zombie plague.

One scientist, an archaeologist, claimed to have found the point of origin of the plague and a possible cure. However, after presenting his research he was ridiculed and a short time later dismissed from his position.

The last known information about the scientist is that he retreated to a small town and continued his research looking for a mysterious place called SALEMS MARSH. All you can hope for now is that somehow, someway he survived.

Now it's up to you to try to find the scientist or the research and possibly end the zombie plague and save mankind from the walking dead.

I want to eat your brains

Frightbytes(R) Zombie Hell

FRIGHTBYTES(R) is a federally registered trademark of
Copyright 1998-2015 (or Until Hell Freezes Over)
by M. Buck, All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. All names and characters are invented or used fictitiously. The events described are mostly imaginary, except for the zombie invasion which certainly will occur. The walking dead are here.