Frightbytes Zombie Text Adventure

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You make your way to a highway. It's deserted except for abandoned vehicles and a few of it's long dead passengers. Opened suitcases lay scattered on blood stained pavement. You desperately need supplies but everything here has been picked over.

Suddenly you get the feeling you are not alone. Your survival instinct kicks in and you quickly hide behind several wrecked cars.

After a few moments you see a small group of people and children, obviously a family unit, running down the roadway.

These people are neither zombies or a gang of marauders. Should you reveal yourself to them? Would it be safer to travel with this group for awhile?

This is the first of many decisions you will need to make - choose wisely, but think fast. You can't waste any time in this world. Think quickly - make a decision below NOW!


STAY HIDDEN (click here)

Frightbytes(R) Zombie Hell
2015-Hell Freezes Over