Q: Why was the zombie afraid to cross the road?
A: He had LOST his GUTS!

Q: What is a zombie's favorite toy?
A: A DEADY bear!

Q: What did the zombie do after he dumped his girlfriend?
A: He wiped his BUTT!

Q: What is a zombie's favorite shampoo?
A: Head & Shoulders!

Q: What cereal does a zombie eat for breakfast?

Q: What is a zombie's favorite Reality TV show?
A: "CHOMPING On The Stars!"

Q: Why did the zombie lose his lawsuit?
A: He had NO LEG to STAND ON!


zombie mouse

TAG! You're it! Now adults even have a reason to play tag

Everybody loves Zombies!

Set up boundaries for the game. Pick one person to be the zombie to start. The zombie tries to tag the others. As others are tagged, they become zombies and try to tag the humans. The last “human” left is the winner.

If the group is large, you may want to give the humans a token that is removed when they are tagged. This will eliminate squabbles over who is a zombie and who isn’t. The token can be something as simple as a rubber band bracelet or bandana.

You can have the participants give the token to the zombie who tagged them. Then reward the zombie who has the most tags with a prize.

Do you like to bowl?

zombie bowling

How's this for a bowling ball!

zombie bowling

Set up the bowling pins!

zombie bowling

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