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You find yourself alone in Salems Marsh on a cold and stormy night. The rain has soaked you and in the distance you spy a large victorian home. Perhaps you can find shelter from the storm. There is dim light coming from within. Running up the walk you arrive at the worn front door and peer in thru the dusty glass. A shadowy figure materializes out of the dim flickering light and seems to float toward the door as it slowly creaks open. A voice calls out to you: "Do come in out of the rain before you catch your death....of a cold. This is not a night to be alone in Salems Marsh. There is a room waiting just for you."

Remember -- the skeleton hand is your guide -- you can only continue
when you see the hand. During Flash movies the skeleton hand will only appear at the end, so please be patient.
Hasty actions will result in your unfortunate demise.


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