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Ouija Boards Toy or Danger? Haunted House

Will you be visited by a benevolent spirit, a trickster, or perhaps something much worse?

The Ouija Board has been manufactured now for over 100 years, billed as "the Wonderful Talking Board". These types of talking boards became very popular, and in 1890, Elijah Bond, Charles Kennard and William H.A. Maupin had the idea to turn the board into a toy. They filed the first patent for a game they called the Ouija board, the patent was granted in 1891. The name, according to Kennard, came from using the board, and was an ancient Egyptian word meaning “good luck.” The Kennard Novelty Company manufactured the boards, which were made of five pieces of wood across the face braced by two vertical slats on the back; they retailed for $1.50.

Kennard left the company in 1891, and the Kennard Novelty Company became the Ouija Novelty Company. William Fuld, an employee there, eventually took over production of the boards. In 1901, he began making his own boards under the name Ouija, which Fuld said came from a combination of the French and German words for “yes”—the etymology that is accepted today. Spirit communication similar to the Ouija has been used for centuries, even before the time of Christ. Its popularity is almost certainly due to the high and regular success rate with spirit communication.

Disaster struck the Fuld family on February 24th 1927. William always supervised any work on his factory. When a flagpole at 1508-1514 Harford Avenue needed to be repaired atop the three-story building, William followed. When the iron support he was leaning on ripped out of its mooring he fell backwards over the back of the building. He caught himself briefly on one of the factory windows, but the force of the fall slammed the window shut, and he was thrown to the ground. Initially suffering minor broken bones and a concussion, William received his fatal injury while being transported. One of his broken ribs pierced his heart, and he died at the hospital.

I wonder -- did he anger the spirits and they sought revenge?

Did you know that spirits can be seen using the planchette? If you sense a presence you can look thru the planchette and survey the room. Caution: This can be extremely dangerous or deadly if you have contacted something evil. The planchette acts as a portal and you may be bringing something deadly into your world.

Ouija Boards Dangerous Contact Ouija Boards

Most paranormal researchers advise against the casual use of the Ouija Board, suggesting that it can be a doorway to unknown dimensions.

Most often the spirits whom are contacted through the Ouija are those whom reside on 'the lower astral plane.' These spirits are often very confused and may have died a violent or sudden death; murder, suicide, etc. Therefore, many violent, negative and potentially dangerous conditions are present to those using the board. Often times several spirits will attempt to come through at the same time but the real danger lies when you ask for physical proof of their existence!

You could be opening a door that would invite in negativity. Once they have established a link, it sometimes is difficult to break or separate the link. The trouble you could be having after using the Ouija Board could go on for months or even years of having what is called a “Spirit Attachment”.

Why would a Spirit do this? If it isn't someone you know and you feel or sense a feeling of negativity, then you have reached a darker-energy Spirit who has time on his or her hands and feels that you deserve a kind of trick played on you for accessing something that you know little about. Spirits who have earned a degree of benefits (accolades) and receive permission to travel can and do that willingly, even though those Spirit people are not very good characters.

People who use Ouija boards, or conduct séances without protection are ultimately sitting targets for psychic attacks, with a huge risk of attracting dangerous - 'non-human' energies, such as demons. It is believed that a demon's ultimate goal is to free itself from its miserable existence and to enter into ours - through any means possible.

A Ouija board acts like a beacon of light, which reaches astral dimensions - once a game is in progress. This then becomes a portal of access for anything to come 'unintentionally' invited into our existence. Once in, this energy will attach itself to the most vulnerable person playing the game...usually the most naive to the Ouija's capabilities.

Ouija Boards Follow These Rules To Stay Safe Ouija Boards

If you're determined to use the Ouija anyway, it is highly recommended that you follow some rules of precaution:

--Never Use The Ouija Board In Your Home--

This is where you're at rest, where you sleep, when you’re most vulnerable to negative energies that might be invited during the session. The session can happen outside, in your backyard, in an already haunted place, or anywhere else where people do not lay their heads at night.

--Never Use The Board When Sick--

Evil spirits can take possession of anyone who is in a weakened condition.

--Be Serious And Never Treat It Like A Game--

Because this is not a game, it's a serious tool that manipulates the natural energies of people and the world around us. Being serious ensures all subconscious natural human defenses are active when communicating with the dead. NEVER ask for physical signs.

--Always Say Goodbye --

There is a beginning to the session therefore there must be an end for balance. It could be that our natural energies affect the results of the session, including fighting off negative forces invited in. Saying Goodbye is pushing away the energies that were created with the session and can help cap it, through combined positive force of all participants. If the spirit is being stubborn, force the Planchette goodbye.

--Other Precautions--

Never play alone. Don't let the planchette fall off the board. Don't allow it to go straight through the numbers or the alphabet, since these provide a direct path for the spirit's release.

If the planchette makes a figure eight several times, or goes to the four corners of the board, you have contacted an evil spirit and should turn the planchette upside down to use it.

Placing a silver coin on the board is supposed to prevent spirits from coming through. Never use the board in a cemetery or any place where a murder or unnatural death has occurred.

--Candles Are Important--

It's important to setup white candles for 3 reasons:

- White candles are a symbol of protection and energy, and are thought to help fight against negative energy.

- Low light is ideal for the Ouija session because psychics have commented that spirit energy seems to thrive in the dark - candles are a great mix of light and dark.

- The flame is a focal point and lure for spiritual energy.

Ouija Boards Who Are You Spirit? Ouija Boards

Once you make contact it's time to learn about the energy that is now with you. Some of the things to ask for are:

- The spirit's name

- The spirit's age when he or she died

- The spirit's gender

- What year they died

- How they died

- Do they have a message for someone in the group

- Is there anything they want to say or request from the living

Ouija Boards How To Destroy An Ouija Board Ouija Boards

So you have called up a Demon and he now wants to bring over all his demon friends, what do you do? Do you destroy the Ouija Board?

Many people will tell you to burn the Ouija board. We strongly reject that advice. Not only does burning the board have the potential to inflict harm upon your person and property, many people believe that burning a Ouija board may create a curse. It's rumored that when a Ouija board is burned it lets loose a loud shriek into the night. Anyone that hears the shriek has less than two days to live. Therefore we suggest that you not burn the board. Especially considering that the plastic boards may let off toxic fumes when burned.

One accepted method of destroying a Ouija board is to break it (carefully) into seven pieces. Sprinkle holy water over these seven pieces and then bury them. Be sure to bury it in a peaceful location. A cemetery is probably not the best place.

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