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What Are The Types Of Hauntings?

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There are many types of hauntings. They include residual, interactive or intelligent, poltergeist, demonic, and shadow haunting or shadow people.

== Residual Hauntings ==

This is the most common type of haunting and occurs when something traumatic happens such as a murder or any sort of tragic event leading to death. The negative energy that is created leaves behind an imprint of that particular event. Similar to a recording, the events will be played time and again always repeating. The entities that are involved in residual haunting are not aware of their surroundings. This is not an intelligent type of haunting as there is no reaction between the entity and you.

== Interactive or Intelligent Haunting ==

These can be quite frightening, though generally the spirit does not intend to cause any harm to anyone. In this kind of haunting activity there is a spirit who tries to interact with the living. At times, the sprit might not even know they have passed, and at times they might be aware of it but have come to convey a message to someone. These types of hauntings often are the result of a spirit needing some sort of help and wants you to help them.

Signs of intelligent haunting can include hearing voices and seeing an apparition. Generally apparitions are seen wearing clothes they were in when alive, and at times they are seen in those clothes that they died in.

== Poltergeist Haunting ==

A very popular type of haunting, in which the spirit or poltergeist, at times, is not friendly, and makes its presence felt by moving objects, creating noises, and assaulting animals and people. Some of the poltergeist activities includes throwing or moving of objects like huge pieces of furniture, vile smells, shrieks and loud noises. Poltergeists can also cause disturbances in telephones and various electronic equipments, and can turn appliances and lights on and off.

A poltergeist at times also hits, bites, and attacks a person. Activity from a Poltergeist can start and stop suddenly. Its duration can last for seconds, minutes, hours, months and even years.

== Demonic Activity ==

Demons are those entities which never had any human form, they are completely energy entities. A demon's main purpose is to create chaos and destruction and cause stress or even death. This is the worse possible type of haunting. Demonic cases are less common than other types of hauntings, unfortunately they do occur. They most often can be described in three following ways:

- Horrific and evil looking. People say they have seen demons that look extremely hideous.

- Angelic and beautiful that can compel a person to do something that is evil.

- Black smoke or black shadows or mist.

Each of these varies in transparency.

== Shadow Haunting or Shadow People ==

This type of haunting activity is different from ghosts, with no real explanation. You generally will get to see them through you peripheral vision as shapeless dark masses. They do not have any human features, wear no clothes, and can easily pass through walls.

== Doppelganger Haunting ==

This is amongst the rarest haunting activity. Doppelganger in German means 'double walker'. In this type of haunting a person gets to see his exact double, mostly wearing the same clothing as he/she has on. Generally, only that particular person will be able to see the spirit and others around will not even be aware of it. This generally signifies that something tragic or traumatic is going to happen to the person who has seen the doppelganger spirit.

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