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Meet the inmates of the Asylum. Please do not feed or poke at the inmates. If you have a Halloween or horror website your picture can link to your url. A fun way to promote your site.

Vile VictorJoking James

Creature with 2 headsToby Loves CandyCreeper

Crazy MariaPumpkin Head BenIvy the cat

Spooky Toenail ChewerDacnomania DevinCrazy Muttering Megan


BARNABAS, FANG, & THING - They bite!
These spooky critters were conjured up by Ben.

Crazy Inmate SueCrazy Inmate EmilyCrazy Inmate Jesse

Crazy Inmate OliviaCrazy Inmate Frightbytes WebmistressCrazy Inmate Josie

Crazy Inmate SmileyCrazy Inmate DaveCrazy King Henry The 8th

Join the crazy party. If you would like to be committed to the Salems Marsh Asylum. Just send a photograph of yourself, a friend, even a pet. Email a picture here! We will lock you up and throw away the key.

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